Here is a list of the main fields in which I translate, with examples of major projects I have worked on. This list is non-exhaustive and you can of course contact me for any other projects.  

General texts : Letters - CVs – Press releases, etc.

Legal translations: Contracts (employment contracts, sales/purchase agreements, service contracts, licence contracts, etc.)

Medical translations: Information leaflets on various diseases - Booklets of hospitals - Medical questionnaires - Clinical studies and protocols - Training supports - User manuals for medical devices 

Tourism: Guides for tour operators and travel agents - Websites for airlines - Brochures for tourist information offices - Websites for holiday resorts, hotels and B&Bs - Museum exhibitions - Safaris - Local traditions, cultures and food - Websites for tourism authorities - Holiday rental contracts for luxury villas 

Marketing: Business letters - Promotional letters - Advertisement - Company websites - Newsletters

Television:  Highlights and summaries of TV programs (entertainment, documentaries and children’s programs)

Humanitarian work: Collaboration with various associations and NGOs – Study on water resources in Africa – Documents relating to human development – Documents relating to torture (medical, psychological and legal aspects) – Study on immigration and ethnic minorities – Website of a UN body - Studies on HIV/AIDS

Certified translations: Judgments - Civil and criminal proceedings - Police reports - Adoption documents - Notarial deeds - Medical certificates - Birth, marriage and death certificates - Driving licences - Diplomas


Examples of major projects

Translation / proofreading of training manuals for police officers for the US governement (use of arms and weapons, investigations, working methods of the forensic services, threats) - 300,000 words

 Collaboration during 3 years with a famous low-cost airline: Website, description of flying destinations, updates, promotional offers, etc.

Translation of the official Website of the tourism authorities of an Arab Emirate -   97,500 words

Translation of training manuels on the practice of torture (medical, psychological and legal aspects) - 54,000 words

Translation of a study on water resources and sanitation in African countries for an international organization - 16,200 words

Translation of the Website and of various documents of a UN body studying human development - 60,800 words

Translation of a programme implemented by a major company in Africa to combat HIV/AIDS - 34,500 words

Translation of the HR procedures of a major multinational company (recruitment, career development, performance assessment, code of ethics, corporate policies, etc.) - 118,000 words over the last 4 years