Our work consists in transcribing your message into another language, while taking every detail into account. Only professional translators can provide top-quality work. We can handle all sorts of documents, whether it is a single page, a manual, a leaflet or a Website.

Translation: your texts will be translated by a mother tongue translator, selected according to his or her fields of expertise. If necessary, the translations will be proofread by a second translator.

Revision and proofreading: we offer a revision service for texts that have already been translated elsewhere. We compare both versions and check that the translation accurately reflects the meaning of the original, uses the correct terminology, and reads fluently. We can also proofread all kinds of texts in French, checking spelling mistakes, grammar, style, and punctuation, etc.

Multilingual project management: 
whether you need to translate a text into one or several languages, the process is the same for you: I manage each project from beginning to end and I am your sole contact. I take care of everything, from choosing the right translator to delivering all files, distributing the texts, drawing up invoices and purchase orders, etc.

Certified translations:certified translations are often requested by authorities and administrative bodies. In France, they must be done by a "sworn translator" (a translator certified by the French courts) and must bear the stamp and signature of the translator, who certifies that this is a true translation of the original document.  In collaboration with an association recognized by the courts of Grenoble (France), I can provide certified translations in one or several linguistic combinations for various documents (birth and death certificates, diplomas, driving licences, identity cards, contracts, etc.).                                   


Your translated texts will be delivered

* in Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint or HTML - CAT tool: Trados 6

* by email, by fax or by post