A qualified professional translator (MA) 

My expertise is mainly based on three major factors: excellent knowledge of the source languages, a perfect knowledge of my mother tongue and deep knowledge of the subject field. Translating is not as easy as it seems: translators must of course understand the source text perfectly, but also need to master every aspect of the target language, not just terminology and grammar but also the subtleties of style, register and idiom. We do not simply translate words, we convey a message, and this may sometimes need rewriting to fit a different culture. 

I graduated from the University of Surrey (MA in Translation) and spent several years in England. I have also travelled widely abroad, acquiring a valuable cultural knowledge that complements my skills. My experience working first in various translation agencies, and now as a freelance translator, means I can offer a top-quality translation service to my clients. 


 Lucevan Traductions: a network of freelance translators 

I have worked with many translators of different nationalities on a wide range of translation projects. This has given me a good opportunity to assess their professional skills. In order to meet my clients' requests, I have set up a team of translators working in various languages. I have selected these translators for the quality of their work, their experience and their availability. Each one translates into his or her mother tongue to produce a fluent text that will enhance your image.




A top-quality translation service